Mobile phone recycling

There are several ways you can recycle unwanted mobile phones and accessories FREE. 

  • post them in using a free recycling satchel from Australia Post
  • download a free reply paid label from the MobileMuster website
  • drop them off at a local phone retailer
  • check if your local school/charity is collecting old phones as a fundraiser
  • drop them off at:
    • any of our Customer Service offices or libraries
    • Aberfoyle Community Centre
    • Coromandel Community Centre
    • Reynella Neighbourhood Centre.

Before you recycle, please delete all personal information from the phone and remove the SIM card.

Don't let mobiles go to landfill or gather dust in a drawer!

It is estimated that there are around 26 million mobile phones in use in Australia. With the average person replacing their mobile phone every 18-24 months, that’s a lot of phones left unused, hiding in drawers, cupboards and toy boxes across the country.

Mobile phones contain materials that should not end up in landfill. The metals/elements cadmium, gold, lead, nickel, lithium and mercury, as well as the plastics, can be recovered through recycling programs.

Phone recycling in Onkaparinga

Our priority is to keep mobile phones out of landfill. 90% of a mobile phone is recyclable and can be recovered and reused, this reduces the need for raw materials and energy used in the manufacturing new products.

Mobile phones collected by council are sent to MobileMuster, they are the only not-for-profit government accredited mobile phone recycling program. They recycle all mobile phones, chargers and accessories. None of the phones collected are refurbished or resold, they are all recycled to extract the precious metals, plastics and the lithium, cobalt and nickel from the batteries.

In 2017 our community won the State Top Collector in South Australia for the second year running. In the 12 months up to April 2017 we collected 190kg of mobile phones and accessories for recycling. The previous year we collected 103kg.

Thank you to everyone who dropped off  a mobile phone to one of our  collection points last year.