Motor & cooking oil

Used motor oil

Oil is banned from landfill, so it can’t go in the red bin and although it’s recyclable, it definitely can’t go in the recycling bin!

FREE drop off at:

Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA) Landfill Operation
112 Bakewell Road, Seaford Heights
Phone: 8386 0273
Visit their website for opening hours.

  • Bring your oil in a clean, plastic container with a lid - the original container is perfect. Avoid using paint cans or other metal containers.
  • Both oil and container will be recycled.

Please note that waste motor oil is no longer accepted at the City of Onkaparinga Field Operations Centre, Seaford Meadows.

Used cooking oil

Cooking oil cannot be mixed with waste motor oil as they are made from completely different resources.

Do NOT place liquid oil in the kerbside bins. Other disposal options apply:

  • Small amounts of waste cooking oil can be absorbed into newspaper then placed in the waste bin.

For larger volumes of cooking oil contact: