BinSpring trial

BinSpring product

Bin litter resulting from windy days could soon be a thing of the past! City of Onkaparinga has joined forces with BinSpringTM to trial their new and innovative product.

BinSpringTM offers an opportunity to address the problem of stray litter, predominantly caused by open wheelie bin lids. The BinSpringsTM easily attach to bin handles, keeping lids closed, the waste inside and rain and birds out.  Made from stainless steel they can be fitted to any size wheelie bin.  BinSpringTM works by a strong spring action. Once opened, BinSpringTM simply springs back into shape, which puts pressure on the lid to close it.

The current  BinSpringsTM Premium trial started in September 2017 on bins in Seaford and Willunga. It continued for 6 recycling  collections / three months – finishing at the end of December 2017. A Door to door survey will be undertaken in the trial areas during February 2018 seeking community feedback on the product.

Should this trial prove successful, we hope to be able to offer BinSpringsTM to residents at cost price. We are proud to be supporting a new Australian invention manufactured in Brisbane.

For more information about the product visit BinSpring website.

BinSprings can be purchased directly online.  

For any queries about the trial, please contact Joshua Rose, Waste Contracts Surveillance Officer on 8384 0666 or


BinSpring example