Give, swap or sell: why not give your old stuff a second chance?

There are a lot of different ways to donate, trade or exchange your unwanted stuff or for you to get new (old) stuff that won’t cost a lot! Plus you’ll be helping save the planet - by sharing, reusing or repurposing a product, you are reducing the demand on energy, water and resources.
Come on & try it – get rid of your unwanted items without dumping it in a bin.

Here are different ways you can give, swap or sell second-hand items, along with a few examples.

Donating and Exchanging

Don’t forget the ABC of donating

A – Appropriate for donation
B – Best Possible Condition
C – Clean

Swapping is the new shopping!

Re-use and recycling events - these events have becoming more popular as they are a fun way to reduce, reuse or recycle. Re-use and recycling events are a terrific way to get people motivated, to have a fun time and meet other people in their community. Events can be held between a group of friends or work colleagues, schools or neighbourhood areas. 

  • Swishing
    A growing global movement, swishing parties (public clothing & accessories swap parties) are a great place to pick up fancy frock for free! Visit
    For international clothes swapping with 'designer brands' online, visit
  • Swap Parties
    Hold a party with a group of friends or at your work to swap certain items - from clothes to toys, DVDs to sports equipment. Planet Ark's Swap Guide makes it easy to host your own party. Visit the Swap Party Guide page for more information.
  • Shop Less, live more
    Challenge yourself, and maybe some friends too - not to buy anything new for a certain period. Check out 

Refurbishment & Reuse Options

For larger, bulkier or unusual items there is a range of ways to ensure re-use. Furniture can be donated to charities or sold to second hand furniture stores. Items such as floor tiles, material offcuts, stage props and industrial products are often valuable to community arts projects or renovators. 

  • Charity op shops and 'tip shops' are widespread. View a full list of second hand stores / op-shops in Onkaparinga.
  • The Waste Nott Store is a re-use centre that sells local manufacturing discards to the public for creative and practical projects, reducing the waste going to landfill.
  • Visit the Givenow site for a listing of bike recycling groups and organisations in Adelaide.

Trading and Sharing Services

  • LETS (Local Energy Trading Systems) - alternative trading networks made up of individuals who trade goods and services within their community.
  • Car sharing - there are businesses organising car sharing in cities, such as GoGet (available in Adelaide) and GreenCarShare 
  • Ride sharing can be arranged through websites such as

Buying and Selling

There are many easy options to buy and sell your pre-loved goods from a local to wider level. Listings can be placed in your local classifieds or in a plethora of commercial or community websites. 

  • eBay is an online national auction site.
  • Garage Sale Trail
    Neighbourhood-wide garage sales organised for the same day. Each year there’s the national Garage Sale Trail – find out more about how to join in or where to visit to snag a bargain. Why not arrange one for your street?