Shopping trolleys

Isn’t it annoying when you see these abandoned on the side of the road?

As well as being an eyesore, they are a hazard to pedestrians and traffic and many end up dumped in waterways, causing buildup of debris and restricting water flow.

Retailers have systems in place to collect trolleys that have been removed from stores and car parks. However they need their customers' help to return their trolleys after use, and report abandoned trolleys, so that they can collect them within 24 hours.

Report abandoned shopping trolleys to the relevant retailer in the following ways:  

Retailer Contact
ALDI Telephone primary ALDI number 132 534 and select option 2 to report a discarded trolley
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Report to Coles Abandoned Trolleys via:

  • the Coles online form
  • phone 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)
  • Coles Supermarket app for iOS and Android
    - select the ‘Report an abandoned trolley’ function
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Report to Trolley Tracker via:
Foodland Trolley collection is reliant upon consumers calling the nearest Foodland retail outlet or Foodland head office and making a verbal report.


Your responsibilities

If you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to ensure the trolley remains in the shopping centre precinct. Council may issue on-the-spot fines if you do not have a reasonable excuse for removing a trolley from a shopping centre precinct.