Street sweeping

Street sweeper

Rubbish on your road or footpath usually ends up in the gutter, and as there is no Rubbish Fairy to pick it up, it waits there until our street sweepers come along.

You can help Council keep your street clear by:

  • removing any debris, especially any non-plant matter caught in your gutter
  • collecting any excess leaves on the nature strip or footpath and placing them in your compost or the green organics bin
  • check to make sure gutter debris is free of sticks, branches and rocks, as they will damage the machinery.

Street sweeping provides two important benefits to our community.

  • The collection and removal of silt, leaves, litter and other debris from our roads and kerbs not only makes our environment look clean and healthy, it also minimises water pooling in the street and assists in improving the water quality of our waterways.
  • The other important, but less visible benefit is the removal of metal particles and other harmful waste products left by passing vehicles. Although virtually invisible, these particles can be particularly harmful to fish and other wildlife if they reach our rivers and beaches.

Street sweeping is an effective method of removing both the large and tiny pollutants that collect on our roads.

Our sweepers clean residential streets on a regular schedule throughout the year. The sweepers remove an average of 207 tonnes of debris per month (approximately 2,500 tonnes per year) from our streets, before it goes into the storm drains. Most of the debris collected is recycled into compost.

In our fleet, we have four road brooms. We currently have 1,850 kilometres of kerbing included in the sweeping program, along with walkways, share paths (foot/bike paths) and car parks that are swept by hand.

When not sweeping roads, our busy brooms are used to help clean up after oil spills and road accidents, assisting with sweeping for road works and special events such as Amy’s Ride and Tour Down Under. So with an average sweeping speed of 5-7 km per hour, you can understand why it takes our team a while to work their way through all our streets.