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The Fleurieu region has always

had a strong connection to arts

and culture.

The region is a place where all the

wonderful elements of food, wine, arts

and culture weave together to form a rich

tapestry for all to experience – whether it is

those who are lucky enough to live or work

in the region or whether it is the tourist

and consumer discovering this wealth of

offerings to be savoured and enjoyed.

The City of Onkaparinga’s Shimmer

photographic festival has its own special

place in our region. A photograph is

described in the dictionary as a picture

formed by the chemical action of light

or other radiation on a sensitive film.

The word shimmer is described as the

moment to shine with a tremulous light,

to have the ability to emit or reflect light.

How apt is the name of the Shimmer

festival when the creative act of taking

a photograph lasts but a brief moment,

a lightening instant to capture a certain

time in a certain place.

It’s important to remember when looking

at every photograph that there are two

people to have input – the photographer


and the viewer. We need to remember to

look into a photograph not just look at it.

Art does not feed off itself alone. A poem,

a tune, a dialogue, a journey. A cognition

that kindles a creative passion. Every

aspect of life is a source of inspiration. As

Edward Steichen once said “photography

records the gamut of feelings written on

the human face, the beauty of the earth

and skies that man has inherited, and the

wealth and confusion man has created. It

is a major force in explaining man to man”.

The 2016 Shimmer program features

numerous exhibitions featuring many

artists across fifteen venues in and around

McLaren Vale. There are workshops

and artist talks throughout the month.

Enjoy September in the Fleurieu region,

enjoy Shimmer, celebrate the medium of

photography in all its varied facets and

appreciate how the camera can teach us

how to see without a camera.

Ros Miller

Owner, Red Poles

Chair of

Fleurieu Tourism